Our Services

The following are COVIS CLUB INTERNATIONAL Services:

CCI gives access to unlimited information products on Wealth Creation, Health & Wellness as well as General vital information embedded in their digital library and it’s for only registered members people.
CCI is also involved in humanitarian and philanthropic activities and we also empower members to help the needy in their society. We also provide members with food stuffs& Shopping allowances as they progress in our compensation plan.
CCI offers periodic trade and skill acquisitions to members and non-members
Offers members the opportunity to earnACTIVE and PASSIVE INCOME for life
New or Old Members who are faithful with the vision of CCI will be given support from the company and from other individual members during any event or ceremony, the support is both in Cash & Presence, the more result oriented you are as a member of CCI the more support you will likely receive
Through CCI compensation plan, members can become financially BIG and Acquire Properties/Assets.