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Covis Club International is all about Financial Freedom

Delivering high value services to liberate people from poverty and build capacity for sustainable development.

Let's Create the Change Together

We constantly excell because of our compelling drive to librate people from poverty, help them build sustainable streams of income and ensure they excell in their business endeavours.

COVIS CLUB INTERNATIONAL is a community of Entrepreneurs, inspired and motivated enough to create wealth for themselves and to help others achieve same. As Member of Covis Club, you will have access to our Digital Library where you can download unlimited information products, contained in Different Topics and Categories.

Nothing cam be more convincing and compelling than the services we offer. We are a group of Entrepreneurs and internet oriented people of like minds who believe that anyone can have and build a successful business online and offline. So as a group, we help each other to become successful by bringing our resources and ideas together. So far it has been awesome, producing outstanding results.

Our aim in COVIS CLUB INTERNATIONAL is to raise individuals to become great, outstanding and wealthy entrepreneurs across the nations of the world so as to have the capacity to help and give hope to the needy in our society in order for everyone to have a better life. Let's create the change together.

Covis Club Membership is open to everyone!

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This is what we do and we do it perfectly.

Since we are focused on capacity building and financial empowerment, everything we do is targeted towards helping our members achieve these goals.

Information Products

CCI gives access to unlimited information products on Wealth Creation, Health & Wellness as well as General vital information embedded in their digital library and it’s for only registered members people.

Humanitarian Services

CCI is also involved in humanitarian and philanthropic activities and we also empower members to help the needy in their society. We also provide members with food stuffs& Shopping allowances as they progress in our compensation plan.

Trade/Skill Acquisition Services

CCI offers periodic trade and skill acquisitions to members and non-members.

Income Opportunity

Offers members the opportunity to earnACTIVE and PASSIVE INCOME for life.

Members Event/Ceremonial Support

New or Old Members who are faithful with the vision of CCI will be given support from the company and from other individual members during any event or ceremony, the support is both in Cash & Presence, the more result oriented you are as a member of CCI the more support you will likely receive.

Financial/Asset Empowerment

Through CCI compensation plan, members can become financially BIG and Acquire Properties/Assets.

Why Choose Covis Club Iinternational?

  • We share in the concerns of our members & help them with their personal needs.
  • We support the less privilege in our communities.
  • We provide financial eduction to empower members.
  • We engage active mentorship as a training tool for our members
  • We help members acquire valuable assets.
  • Our system guarantees continuous flow of income.
Committed to
Financial Empowerment

We are passionate about empowerment

We help our members achieve their goals faster through the instrumentality of active mentoring.


Over 50,000 members and 355,000 transactions across the globe.

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Are you seeking to have sustainable financial freedom?

CCI is the right place, where you get concentrated mentorship that can guarantee your continuous cash flow!
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