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It is simply a referral system where you earn commission and incentives for referring only 3.

A one time Fee of $5. But the Price in any currency depends on the fixed exchange rate used in that Country

Yes, you can, but you are enjoined to maintain the number of accounts that you can conveniently manage, multiple accounts can earn more in as much as you are actively engaged filling up your matrix by building your team.

How many People am I expected to refer into my network under me? Answer: You are expected to bring a minimum of three (3) people directly with your username. Those 3 will be on your first level in stage 1

At least one. You earn on the registration of your first down line

The 3 people will be placed directly under you and the rest will spill over to your down liners who have not sponsored anybody under them, thereby helping your organization/team to grow faster.

You are expected to refer just 3 people but should in case you don't know 3 people to refer, it's advisable you join an active group where you will get support and training. So they can help you succeed in the business.

At least one. You earn on the registration of your first down line

Spill over is a system whereby you get down lines added to your own matrix as a result of your up line/sponsor registering extra number of persons into the entire team network.

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